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Exploring the Basics of Pediatric Emergency Care

Going to the emergency room can be a scary experience for children and parents alike, but with dedicated pediatric ER facilities, kids can get the care they need without undue stress and anxiety. When your child needs emergency care, it is important to know where to turn for medical attention and what to expect when you get to the ER. This article will take a closer look at pediatric emergency care services to help you stay prepared for moments when your child’s medical care cannot wait.

What is a pediatric emergency center?

In a pediatric-friendly emergency department, staff members and physicians are specially trained in caring for children and communicating effectively with this special group of patients. There is also specialized imaging and treatment equipment calibrated just for kids to ensure the highest level of care for any given situation.

Which conditions are often treated in the pediatric ER?

There are a few different reasons children tend to need a visit to the ER. Injuries, including burns, broken bones, and lacerations are relatively common, since kids’ growing bodies are more susceptible to injuries from falls or other accidents. Skin rashes, respiratory illnesses, digestive disorders, and poisoning are also leading causes of hospital visits among kids.

How can I make emergency care less stressful for my child?

Aside from choosing a pediatric emergency center for your child’s care, you can do a few things to make the experience of going to the hospital less stressful. First, you should remain calm yourself, since children take cues from their parents when it comes to anxiety and stress. You’ll also want to remain prepared for emergencies by keeping an up-to-date list of your child’s health information, including current weight, medications, and known allergies.

At Tulane Medical Center, our ER is ready to treat patients of all ages with a dedicated pediatric staff available around-the-clock. To learn more about our emergency care or get tips to help you manage your family’s health, visit us online or call (504) 988-5263 for our patient referral line.
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