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Reasons to Become an Organ Donor

Organ transplantation is a lifesaving branch of medicine, which would not be possible without the generosity of individuals who choose to become organ donors. As an organ donor, you are volunteering vital organs and tissues for transplantation to individuals who have suffered organ failure in the event of your death. That means that you will have the potential to save lives after you are gone, leaving a lasting legacy that can impact the lives of many organ and tissue donation recipients and their families. Read on for more great reasons to register as an organ donor today.

Organ donors save lives.

Nearly 120,000 Americans are on waiting lists for life-saving organ transplants, yet only about 30,000 transplants are made each year. While this is a significant number of lives saved by organ donors, there are more people waiting for vital organs, and about 22 will die each day because of a chronic shortage of donors. Plus, there are thousands more individuals who may benefit from tissue transplant procedures that might restore eyesight or mobility.

Organ donor status does not influence your healthcare.

Some people think that being an organ donor may mean receiving a lower standard of care while being hospitalized for a traumatic injury or other life-threatening condition. However, hospital staff is unaware of an individual’s donor status until after death, so being a donor will have no effect on the care you receive.

Becoming an organ donor is free and easy.

To become an organ donor, you can simply register online with the state donor registry. There is no cost to donors or their families, so there are few reasons not to sign up. Individuals of all backgrounds, health statuses, and ages over 18 may become organ donors.

At Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans, we have been on the forefront of organ transplantation surgeries, as we were the site of the first living donor kidney transplant in the city. To learn more about our Transplant Institute and other hospital services, call us at (504) 988-5263.

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