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How to Find Clinical Trials for Your Cancer Treatment

If you are undergoing cancer care, clinical trials may play a role in your treatment. Clinical trials give you access to treatments that are not yet widely available and allow you to play a role in the development of treatments for future cancer patients. Although clinical trials are not right for everyone, they can be extremely beneficial for some patients. To discover if clinical trials should be part of your cancer care plan and to find appropriate trials for you, follow these steps.

Talk to Your Oncology Team

The first step in finding clinical trials for cancer care is to let your oncology team know that you are interested. Your doctor may be aware of ongoing trials and also help you understand if you are likely to benefit from taking part. Although your doctor does not have the final say on whether or not you can take part in a trial if the research team accepts you, his or her input can be invaluable in incorporating a clinical trial into your broader care plan.

Use the Cancer Details Checklist

The Cancer Details Checklist was created by the National Cancer Institute and is available on their website. It asks questions about your cancer, including the full medical name of your disease and your current lab results, which are used to determine your eligibility for clinical trials. Your oncologist can help you complete the form, if necessary.

Do Your Research

You can find information about ongoing clinical trials from the National Cancer Institute, cancer advocacy groups, online clearinghouse lists of clinical trials, drug company websites, and the National Library of Medicine website. For each relevant trial, review the eligibility criteria and contact the research team for any trial you are interested in for which you may be a good candidate. The final step is an appointment with the research team, who will determine how to proceed.

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